Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Use your customer data to build actionable insights, engage with customers, drive higher revenue and lower interaction costs.


Why Use rg1 CDP?

rg1 lets you quickly take control of your messy data, build customer identities with enterprise-class data quality, and drive interactions at the cadence of your customers.

rg1 also includes robust data management and data quality for every signal about a customer. And it is tunable to your organization’s requirements and rules for bringing this data together, identifying customers perfectly and building a 360-degree view for relevant, timely interactions.


Featured Capabilities

Our Customer Data Platform is the foundation for great customer experience across all customer journeys – marketing, service and support. To engage with customers, marketers must capture and use all relevant data, derive the insights to understand customer journeys and intent, and activate segments and audiences to engage with customers across every channel. rg1 empowers marketers to orchestrate large volumes of customer data in a way that drives revenue while meeting their enterprises’ unique requirements.

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