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Accurate Data.  Actionable Insights.  Agile Marketing.

The Redpoint CDP powers personalized, omnichannel experiences and enables Marketing and CX leaders to delight customers, build long-lasting brand loyalty, and drive tangible revenue growth.


Right Data Drives Personalized Cx

The Right Data Drives Personalized CX

Real-time throughput, built-in data quality, and customizable identity resolution provide the most accurate, up-to-date unified customer profile that can power all your use cases.

Superpowered Segmentation Without Code

Superpowered Segmentation without Code

With advanced segmentation, you can create, visualize and test audiences quickly and easily without writing a line of code. Focus on agile, creative marketing – ultimately leading to high ROI and lower costs.

Superpowered Segmentation Without Code
Ultimate Data MarTech Flexibility

Ultimate Data and MarTech Flexibility

The most complete composable CDP – fits in any MarTech stack, AI approach or cloud environment, with zero-copy data – so you can rapidly respond to business changes and grow your use cases.

What’s In the Redpoint CDP

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Data Quality at Ingestion

Reduce human error with advanced parsing, cleansing, and standardization  that synthesizes every source of customer data from across the enteripriese and every customer touchpoint.

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Data Observability & Measurement

Don’t just take our word for it.  Data observability gives you confidence that your data is ready and actionable to power your CX enterprise.

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Unification & Identity Resolution

Drive exceptional CX with a Golden Record built on superior matching, precise data quality, smart merging and consistent profile unification.

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Segmentation & Activation

Personalize every customer experience with dynamic sements and a single point of control for channel activation.  No code required.

See How It Works

Take our virtual product tour to see how you can quicky and easily  leverage your customer data to deliver personalized experiences.

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