Built for Flexibility. Built for ROI.


A comprehensive technology platform that meets companies where they are in their digital transformation journeys and takes them where they want to be.


rg1 is a highly configurable and integrated platform that provides a single point of control to connect customer data and execute real-time multichannel marketing campaigns. Leading brands rely on rg1 to deliver real-time, hyper-personalized experiences across every customer interaction.

Flexible Deployment Options

rg1 provides unparalleled optionality to deploy the rg1 platform in your cloud or data center or take advantage of Redpoint’s cloud deployment capabilities - select the option that best aligns with your technology and security requirements.

Customer experiences. Transformed.

With rg1’s unrivaled customer data platform, journey orchestration, and real-time interaction capabilities, move from mass marketing to real-time, 1-to-1 personalized interactions that span channels and touchpoints.



Inconsistent data with anomalies

Clean, normalized and highly-matched data

Disparate data sources

Agile, fit-for-purpose customer records

Batch updates and nightly syncs

Real-time coordination and cadences

Channel-oriented segments

Universal, dynamically-updated segments

Linear journeys

Multichannel, multitouch journeys

Campaign-specific asssets

Omnichannel asset coordination

Siloed personalization

Personalization across every interaction/channel

Tangible business benefits. Delivered.

Seal the gaps between strategy and execution. Make double-digit gains in response rates and revenue growth. Across a wide field of use cases and industries: This is the rg1 platform at work. For you.

Performance – Speed & Scale

rg1's modern architecture is purpose-built to scale up or down to meet critical business requirements cost-effectively. With rg1, organizations can confidently execute contextually relevant customer experiences for hundreds of millions of customers and billions of data points, all with omnichannel response times measured in milli-seconds.

Adaptability – Open Garden & Future Proof

rg1's open garden approach meets companies where they are in their journeys and maturity levels while future-proofing growth to a fully comprehensive, omnichannel vision. Our platform works with your each existing technology solutions and channel-focused teams while empowering you to incorporate the newest advances in CX technology, machine learning and AI. We also imbed AI in our platform for the ultimate adaptability on the fly – with data, offers, messages and channels dynamically changing as the customer changes.

Precision – Quality Data, Insights & Actions

With best-in-class data quality and identity resolution at its foundation, rg1 empowers organizations to deliver hyper-personalized content, offers and next-best actions across any touch point. In leveraging continuously updated insights and analytics as part of an integrated closed-loop process, experiences always account for each customer’s latest known preferences, situation and journey stage.

Built for Enterprise. Engineered for Results.

With unmatched data management capabilities, a comprehensive toolset for orchestrating multichannel experiences, and the ability to adapt to any technical environment, the rg1 platform is in a league of its own. It’s why leading brands who are serious about digital transformation choose Redpoint.


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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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