Real-Time Interactions

Interact at the cadence of each customer across every touchpoint, using the best insights and contextual understanding to drive personalized relevance.

Engineered for today’s needs. And expectations.

Delivering the best customer experiences at scale requires extensive engineering: Cross-system performance, updating and enriching customer profiles, mediating decisions on offers and actions — across every channel and campaign — in milliseconds. And this is precisely what you’ll find inside the rg1 Real-Time Interactions.

Scalability, low latency, and high native performance: rg1 delivers on these critical needs, orchestrating every inbound and outbound channel, and delivering contextually relevant experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Featured Capabilities

The rg1® platform’s Real-Time Interaction capability puts powerful real-time relevance in your hands. Data, decisions and orchestration with high performance and low latency: This is what the engine delivers. And it frees you to focus on the next great customer experience without the burdens of stale data, slow decisions, or irrelevant offers.

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